Stephen Joseph Harper was the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada and the head of the PC party. He has since retired as a Canadian politician but he will forever hold the title as the first prime minister to come from the modern conservative party of Canada.

Harper was a long-standing member of Parliament from the year 2002 to 2016. In the year 1993 to 1997 he was MP for Calgary West and would go on to represent the Reform Party of Canada. As well as being one of the founding members of the Reform Party, he would be the leader of the NCC and the leader of the Canadian alliance. Becoming a leader of the new Reform Party in 2004, Harper stood in Parliament until August 26, 2016.

Harper was responsible for leading one of the smallest minority see governments since Confederation in the year 2006. This would be the longest-serving minority government in Canada’s history.

Stephen Harper was born in Leaside Toronto and raised in the area as well. He was the firstborn of three sons to Joseph Harris Harper and Margaret Harper. He attended North we public school and John G. Althouse middle school which are both located in Etobicoke Ontario. He would become a member of Richview collegiate’s reach for the top team and enrolled at the University of Toronto to drop out and moved to Edmonton Alberta for a career with Imperial oil. Harper would eventually work with the company computer systems and receive a post secondary degree from the University of Calgary. Graduating with a Masters degree in economics in 1991, Harper would continue to donate and keep strong ties to his alma mater.

He was heavily involved with the young liberals club at his high school eventually changing his political allegiance due to some disagreements with Peter Trudeau’s NEP policy. Although he admits politics was not his first love he would make a promising political career while in office obtaining the Woodrow Wilson award for his service to Calgary, an award from time magazine is Canada’s newsmaker of the year and a presidential gold medallion for humanitarianism.

Stephen Harper will remain an important part of Canada’s political history.