Neil Young was born Neil Percival Young in Toronto Ontario and he is a well-known musician, producer, director, screenwriter, singer-songwriter and more. Neil Young’s musical career started early on in the year 1960 working in a group covering shadows instrumentals. Young would eventually move on to play in 1966 with the Mynah Birds, a band fronted by Rick James. This is when his musical career really started to take off and he decided to move to Los Angeles and form a rock group of his own. This was the start of Buffalo Springfield with the band members Stephen steals, Richie Furay and several others.

After the initial success of Buffalo Springfield Young would go on to release two new solo albums and join up with Crosby, Stills and Nash in the year 1969. His early solo albums were completed with the help of a backing band called Crazy Horse and he’s continued to record a number of studio and live albums throughout his career with the same band as well as a variety of other sessional musicians.

Young has Canadian citizenship but has lived in the California area since the 1960s. He received the order of Manitoba in 2006 and was made an Ofc. of the order of Canada in 2009. Most of his music is known for having a real edge through distorted electric guitar as well as his signature tenor voice and very personal lyrics. Neil Young is a multi-instrumentalist playing guitar, harmonica, PN O and more. He regularly combines together blues, rock, folk, and even grunge. Many have even suggested that he was one of the original pioneers for the grunge movement in the 1990s.

Neil Young remains one of the most respected singer songwriters in the world as a Grammy award winner, Grammy Hall of Fame inductees, Juno award winner and humanitarian.