Mike Myers is a Canadian born actor that now holds citizenship in the UK and the United States. Born Michael John Myers, he is known for being a regular performer on Saturday Night Live from the year 1989 to 1995 as well as his roles in Wayne’s world, Shrek, Austin Powers and more.

Mike Myers was originally born in Scarborough Ontario to parents who originally hailed from Liverpool. Myers actually begin his acting career extremely early appearing in commercials at the age of two and eventually premiering in commercials for British Columbia Hydro at the age of 10. As soon as he graduated from high school Myers was accepted into the Second City comedy club. He would eventually move into the United Kingdom where he would become one of the founding members of the comedy store players.

Mike Myers holds a star on the Hollywood walk of fame as well as on Canada’s walk of fame. He continues to reprise his role as Shrek and remains a highly recognizable comedy and improv performer.

Mike Myers has one several prestigious awards including the MTV generation award, a screen actors Guild award for outstanding villain, critics choice awards and American comedy awards.

Mike Myers remains a considerable Toronto Maple Leafs fan and pays homage to the club with his characters Cmdr. Gilmour as well as general Borschevsky. He remains an avid Dungeons & Dragons player arriving at a worldwide Dungeons & Dragons game day in the year 2006. He regularly supports causes like UNICEF by playing in soccer aid a celebrity soccer team and remains a fan of Liverpool FC. He resides in New York today and has recently published a book called Canada detailing the country’s pop-culture and history and his own comedic voice.