Michael J Fox is a Canadian and American actor born in Edmonton over to Canada. He remains a professional figure, author, producer and activist. Michael J Fox’s career started in the 1970s and he has long been a staple on television from his role in spin city through 1996 to his major role in film as Marty McFly in the back to the future trilogy. Michael J Fox also had a very long recurring role as Alex P Keaton in family ties. He has won multiple awards for his appearances on TV including an Emmy and three Golden globes for spin city as well as three Emmys and a Golden Globe for his performance in family ties.

In the year 1991 Michael J Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of just 29. He did not disclose his condition to the public until the year 1998. The sign to retire partially from acting in the year 2000, his symptoms continue to worsen and he became an advocate and philanthropist donating to research towards a cure to Parkinson’s. He formed the Michael J Fox foundation in 2010 and received an honorary doctorate for his advocating in the cure of Parkinson’s.

Today the vast majority of the acting work that Fox is known for is in voiceover. He has had roles in the good wife, the lost Empire, Stuart little, and made brief cameo appearances in scrubs, rescue me, Boston legal and more.

Michael J Fox was inducted as an officer of the order of Canada in the year 2010 and inducted on the Canadian walk of fame in the year 2000. Michael J Fox also holds a star on the Hollywood walk of fame which you received in the year 2002. He has one spouse since the year 1988 Tracy Pollan and they have four children together. The actor received his American dual citizenship when the two moved to Manhattan in New York where they still reside to this day.