Jim Carrey is both a Canadian and American actor who was originally born in Newmarket Ontario. He received his American citizenship in the year 2004 and has been an actor professionally since the year 1980.

Most of Carrey’s work is focused and stand up, slapstick and zany humor but he has taken on a number of serious and dramatic roles throughout his career. Born James Eugene Carrey, he would go on to become a standup performer, Impressionist, producer, screenwriter as well as one of Hollywood’s most recognizable celebrities through the 1990s.

Jim Carrey’s earliest claim to fame was when he landed a recurring gig on the sketch comedy TV show In Living Color. This would eventually lead to his roles in the Ace Ventura Series in 1994, The mask, Dumb and Dumber, Batman Forever, Liar Liar and more.

Jim Carrey has one daughter and has had two spouses. Lauren Holly and Melissa Wormer. In his personal life Carrey has been known to battle with depression and has taken his time away from the spotlight when needed.

Jim Carrey is a celebrated actor with several Golden Globe wins for the Truman show as well as man on the moon as well as for other nominations. He has his own star on both the Hollywood walk of fame as well as the Canadian walk of fame. He continues to appear in various late-night roles as well as in brand-new movies. He is even reprised some of his original rules returning as Lloyd Christmas in dumb and dumber with Jeff Daniels in the year 2014. Jim Carrey may not be in the spotlight quite as often as before but he remains one of the most successful Canadian comedians of all time. Carrey loves to entertain an audience so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him appear in another major comedy film soon!