Jean Chrétien is a Canadian statesman and politicians who also served as the 20th Prime Minister of Canada. Chrétien would serve from the year 1993 until 2003. He was born and raised in Shawinigan Québec and attended the University of Laval for a graduates degree in law.

Chrétien was number 18 of 19 different children. 10 of his brothers and sisters were not able to survive infancy and even at a young age, Chrétien was known for his tough exterior. He suffered from Bell’s palsy leaving the left side of his face permanently paralyzed.Chrétien is also deaf in one ear. He was often feared for his temper and was not someone to mess with at school. Some knew him as the little guy from Shawinigan but that would soon change with his role in politics.

Chrétien with a long-standing politician first receiving an election into the House of Commons in the year 1963. He held a number of different cabinet positions under Pierre Trudeau. Chrétien would be appointed as the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern development and the minister of justice. He was also appointed the deputy prime minister for John Turner and would go on to become the Liberal party leader in the year 1990.

It was during this year in the 1993 federal election that he would lead the party to a majority victory. Chrétien would go on to be reelected into two other majorities in the year 1997 and 2000. After resigning his prime minister in December of 2003 he would move back from public life and spend time in semi-retirement from politics.

With an extensive career, Chrétien received an order of merit from the queen in 2009, a companion of the order of Canada in 2007, a Silver Jubilee medal, a Golden Jubilee medal and countless other honors throughout the course of his career.