A young boy of age nine living in Ontario saw the landing of Apollo 11 on Moon on television at his home. And this particular sight turned into a passion to become an astronaut. Being raised in a corn farm near southern Ontario initially interested in flying, he never knew how he would achieve his dream but, he was sure that this is the only profession he would be going to pursue in future. Someone wisely said that, ‘The things you are passionate about are not random. They are your Calling.’ Nobody knew that this small town boy would become the First Canadian to walk in the Space named as ‘Chris Hadfield’.

Having a bright academic background and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in 1982, he underwent basic flight training in Royal Military College which lead him to become a tactical fighter pilot then. He became the first CF-18 pilot to intercept a Soviet Tupolev Tu 95 long-range bomber in Canadian arctic area. Then in late 80’s he was attending U.S Air Force Test Pilot School and served as an exchange office over there. In this span of time he achieved many accomplishments and flew over 70 different types of aircrafts. In 1992, he graduated with Master’s in Aviation Systems from University of Tennessee Space Institute.

The journey for the love, determination and passion to become an astronaut was started in June 1992 when he became one of the four new Canadian astronauts selected among 5,330 applicants. They were asked to join NASA by Canadian Space Agency (CSA). He first flew in space in November 1995 as a mission specialist. The proud moment of dream came into being when in April 2001 he flew again, visited International Space Station (ISS) where he was the First Canadian to walk in space. He became the commander of different space Expeditions till May 2013 when he came back from his last Expedition 35 where he was responsible for the crew of five astronauts and helped in dealing with the experiments like ‘Impact of low gravity on human biology’ as the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station.

His popularity was not confined to just his space expeditions or research work. His idea of enjoying life just inspired many people by taking pictures of the Earth and posting them on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Google+ inspite of his tough job and working schedule which result in making a large following of people around the globe. He has appeared on numerous news channels and talk shows, once he gained a huge fame due to his experimental nature by playting the International Space Station’s guitar in space. Chris is happily married to his high-school girlfriend Helene having three children Kyle, Evan and Kristin. In June 2013, he announced his retirement from CSA ending a 35 year career as a military pilot and an astronaut stating that, ‘making good on a promise I made my wife nearly 30 years ago that yes, eventually we would be moving back to Canada.’ This shows his love and commitment towards his family making him a true gentleman.