Bryan Adams is a Canadian songwriter, singer, guitarist, record producer, photographer and a philanthropist. He was born in kinks in Ontario and has been involved in music since the year 1975. Adams would rise to fame with a number of different hits in the 1980s such as cuts like a knife as well as the summer of 69. Adams is a singer that has received international acclaim as well as number one hits in many countries throughout the world. He held a number one hit in the UK for over 16 consecutive weeks at one time held the US record for Billboard hot 100 number one singles.

Bryan Adams was 15 Grammy awards, 56 Juno nominations and 20 Juno awards. Most of his songs fall under the category of rock and popular music and he is widely recognized for his composition and songwriting. Bryan Adams has been nominated five times for Golden globes as well as three times for an Academy award.

Adams has received an induction into the Hollywood walk of fame as well as an induction into the Canadian broadcast Hall of Fame. He has sold well over 100 million records worldwide and stands as one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

Bryan Adams remains hard at work making new music, touring worldwide and collaborating with artists like Ellie Goulding, Chris Isaak and more. Here was an act of charity called the Bryan Adams foundation which advances the education of young people worldwide. Most of the foundation is funded directly by Adams and his worldwide music salary. He continues to perform a regular benefits for hospitals and education and has been a vegan since the age of 29. Adams regularly advocates for animal rights and has campaigned for Greenpeace, the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary and more.